About Us

WE PRODUCE contract seating and furnishings that will add value to your project.
WE TRAVEL to the far reaches of the world for new design elements.


WE ARE a manufacturer in the know and our contract interior furnishings meet the standards demanded by you. 
WE MANUFACTURE  contract seating and furnishings with a single goal to bring the best furniture piece to your door. Manufacturing begins with sustainable wood resources, eco-friendly fabrics, foam and finishes. Our lines of contract chairs and contract sofas are designed, produced, finished and packaged to comply with the highest industry standards. 

WE BRING over 40 years of combined manufacturing experience along with hundreds of fabrics and materials. Our finishes are tough polyurethane coatings that guarantee a long lasting life and our fabrics are high grade commercial textiles and leathers, easy to  maintain and durable.


Trinity Tree Design srl 
Our factory is located in Premariacco, Italy  and we are a melting pot of colour, textures and materials. Together we transform  intuition and ideas into reality.
From classic to contemporary design and from western to middle eastern tradition, Trinity Tree Design srl has created a fusion of cultures, understanding and regional elements in their contract furnishings. TrinityTree Design srl has the right furniture elements to bring your project to life. 



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